Fantastic Weekend

We have slowed down on the events during the weekends and it is really nice. This weekend we found a new place to go hiking, tried a different time during the day to go out on our excursion and geocached for the first time in years.

The weather was perfect for hiking with low humidity in the upper 70s. The hikes were great and Aiden did very well going up the mountain carefully. He loved being the leader and making sure we were on the correct path. We did this in the late afternoon after Alina’s nap, which worked out beautifully and they went to bed without any issue. Aiden also got a kick out of “finding treasure” with the geocache. I’m sure it will be no time before he is using the GPS on his own! All in all, we had a wonderful weekend and hope that there are many more like it in the future.

Crissy July 20th, 2009

Hey Mommy, I’m Listening

Alina is starting to become a functioning being instead of a demanding baby. She was throwing everything off her tray at lunch the other day and I disciplined her (as usual) to not do it adding that she should put anything she is finished with on the table or give it to Mommy. She, of course, cried because she does not like to be told what to do. Well, at dinner that same night she was eating and when she didn’t want whatever she had she looked at me and put it on the table. I was so proud! Aside from the signing, this was the first time that she actually showed she was paying attention to what I was saying. I am so looking forward to when Aiden goes to school so I can have some one-on-one time with her. I think she will progress very nicely when I don’t have to juggle Aiden too. I’ve felt like I’ve been ignoring her with certain things and hope that I can fill in the gaps during our alone time. Let the bonding begin (in September)!

Crissy July 18th, 2009


Well, Aiden has officially entered the “why” phase. He doesn’t just say “Why?”, oh no. He asks when he is missing something. For example, he was in the bathroom and I was playing with Alina when I told her, “No thank you.” Aiden called from the bathroom, “Why did you say No thank you to Alina? What did she do cause I couldn’t see it?” This kid is going to go crazy when he is in school and feels like he is missing a lot at home. Not to mention that I am going crazy explaining everything in simplistic yet descriptive ways. After the third why I tell him that we need to move on to another subject because Mommy needs to stop talking about the current issue. He is going to be one educated little tyke in preschool. I wish his teacher well!

Crissy July 16th, 2009 2 comments

Number 8

Ok, Alina has finally gotten all 8 of her front teeth. We thought she would have them by her first birthday, like her brother, but it’s not that much later. She takes 5-6 steps too. I am so proud of my little girl. Soon she will be giving her brother a run for his money. He will be wishing school gets here sooner, although right now he’s not sure if he is going to like it. They are doing great and I could be happier, more rested, yes, but not happier.

Crissy July 14th, 2009

Number 7

Alina finally has gotten tooth number seven. She is clingy and cranky and getting so big.

Crissy July 10th, 2009

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