Initiatory Activities

(1) Museum Name

  • Discuss creating a dinosaur museum in the classroom.
  • Have students democratically decide on a name for it (brainstorm and vote).
  • This is to stimulate interest in the unit of study and create classroom unity.

(2) KWL (what students think they Know, what students Want to know, and what students Learned) Chart

  • Students will contribute any prior knowledge that they have about dinosaurs.
  • Students will ask any questions they would want answered about dinosaurs throughout the unit.
  • Students will contribute newly found knowledge about dinosaurs once the unit is complete.
  • Write information on large cutouts of dinosaurs for students to read during unit.

(3) Book

  • Read The Magic School Bus In the Time of the Dinosaurs to the students.
  • The students will use this book and its information for various projects throughout the unit.


(4) Ms. Frizzle

  • Students will decorate a Ms Frizzle from The Magic School Bus in the theme of dinosaurs.
  • Hang these up around the room to compliment The Magic School Bus theme and activities.


(5) Pteranodon Mobile

  • Students will decorate and cut out a pteranodon that will be put together and hung from the ceiling.
  • This will create a prehistoric atmosphere in the classroom for the students.


(6) Trading Cards

  • Students will color and cut out cards with pictures and information of different types of dinosaurs.
  • Students will color and put together a special card holder that will store their trading cards, so students can keep the information close at hand.
  • Copycat Magazine, Nov/Dec 1993.

(7) Discovery Center

  • Set up a discovery center so that students can bring in objects and information pertaining to dinosaurs.
  • This area should be available so that students can use magnifying glasses to inspect objects to find details to be shared with the rest of the class.