Reading the Signals

Aiden, Matthew and I had such a fun day today. There was no fussing, even when it was nap time. I felt really bad for Matthew’s dad though. When Chris comes home Aiden is so excited to see him, greeting him with smiles while arms are extended wanting to be picked up. When Matthew’s dad came to pick him up, Matthew started to cry, which sent Aiden into a sympathy crying fit as well. I guess it really reminds you of how different each child is with his or her parents.

Aiden did the cutest thing later in the evening. I have been bad about making time for reading books, so while we were playing in his room he crawled over to the bookcase (which is his level), pulled out two books and put them on my lap. I guess that was his way of telling me he misses me reading to him. He is so smart is makes me wonder what he will be like when he’s older. Nevermind, I’ll just stick to enjoying him in the right now.