Happy Birthday to Todd!

We had dinner with our friends Todd, Michelle and their little one Angie. Angie slept through the entire dinner and Aiden was in a super good mood. He ate everything we put in front of him…potato bits, apple flavored wagon wheels, bread, chicken, and corn bread. That was in addition to the baby food I fed him earlier at home. He is quite a good eater. We kept him out a bit later than his normal bedtime, but his spirits remained up during the entire dinner. We are so proud of our little guy!

The reason we were out to dinner on a weeknight was because of Todd’s birthday. Their schedule was full all weekend, so they squeezed us in this evening. We had a wonderful dinner at Old Man Rafferty’s, I highly recommend the pecan chicken. Since it was a weeknight and the guys had work in the morning we had to get going right after we ate. Children are the most energetic creatures on the face of the earth and I have a theory about that…they drain the energy out of any adult who dares to try and take care of them. We came home put Aiden down and tucked ourselves into bed.

Goodnight to all of you engery drained parents and Happy Birthday to Todd!

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