Book, Book, Book!

Aiden did the cutest thing yesterday. I carried him up to his room specifically to change his diaper, but before I even put him down he declared, “Book, book, book.” It was very clear to me that not only is he stretching his vocal cords to say actual words, but that he is indeed a 10 month old bookworm. Too cute!

Whenever I place him on the floor he crawls off in some direction to play. However if I pick up one of his books and start reading he will stop in his tracks, crawl over to me and sit still until the very last page. He sits attentively, wants to help turn the pages and will listen to anywhere between 5-10 books. Currently his favorite book is, “But Not the Hippopotamus” and it just cracks him up at the end. He giggles like crazy and then demands, “Again!” Usually that means “read another book”, but with this book it actually means “read it again”. We just love our little bookworm!

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