I am really on the ball, I tell you. You can’t get anything by me…or can you?

Aiden had a fever over the weekend. It was a low grade fever, 101.5 and he had no other symptoms. I assumed he caught something from Matthew since he had a fever last week. On Monday, I thought if he wasn’t over the fever I would call the doctor to see what I should do, however Sunday night it broke and Monday he was back to normal. Or so I thought…

While I was dressing him, I noticed red dots all over his belly and back. I mentioned it to a friend of mine and she said he may have Roseola. I had heard of it before, but didn’t really know what it was. So I sprinted to the computer and looked it up. Kids Health had an informative article about it. Since Aiden had been through the brunt of the illness, there was no reason to take him to the doctor, so we waited it out.

His appetite came back and he is back to his normal adorable self. Good thing I was on the ball!