Blogs: The New Soaps?

I have a schedule I try to follow weekly in order to balance Aiden, the house and my sanity. I designate one chore to each day of the week so I’m not overwhlemed. Sounds good, right? Today I am doing the laundry. Oh wait, that was yesterday’s chore. Hmmmm, will I have time to pay the bills and go grocery shopping? That is supposed to be what Im doing today. Huh. What happened to my beloved schedule…

Well, I have spent a good part of the morning and afternoon both yesterday and today in front of my computer. The more blogs I read, the more blogs I find. The more blogs I find, the more commenting I do. (Are you getting the picture?)

I am addicted to everyone’s life. From the mom blogs to the mommy blogs (Motherhood Uncensored had a post on an apparent war between them), I am hooked. I want to know how you and your kids are doing as well as what you are thinking. I haven’t been able to have a decent conversation with my husband because I want to find out what other comments came after mine on the umpteen blogs I commented on yesterday.

Aiden is a good napper, so this is where I get most of my time to sit and read about all your adventures. Of course, the house looks like a bomb hit it and all the while I spend my time in front of this screen craving new posts. It feels similar to the old stereotype that a mother who stays home just watches soap operas all day long. Could blogs be the new soaps?

I wonder if anyone else is having this dilemma? I know it’s probably the newness of it all and once that subsides I will be able to read, play with my child and occasionally clean the house all in perfect harmony. But I wonder, is this just an old adage gone tech?

I can’t wait until the weather breaks so I can get out of the house and create my own adventures. What’s that? There’s a wind chill factor? Maybe I’ll just check one more blog…

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