Too Smart

During tonight’s evening ritual with Aiden, we were, as usual, hanging out in his room playing and reading books. We always allow Aiden some naked time (with diaper) before dressing him in his pajamas. He is elated to participate in naked time and rejoices proudly by taking his clothes and shaking them in the air.

Once naked time begins, Aiden will play or want to read books. While he was pulling every book off the bookshelf (his new obsession) I began reciting one of his board books. Having read them so many times this was not difficult, but his reaction surprised us. Aiden first looked over at me to see if I had the book and when he realized I did not he proceeded to look for the book and bring it over to me.

Now, I’m usually the first person to gloat about how smart my obviously brilliant child is, but both of us thought it was a fluke. I tried it two more times, each time making sure the book I recited was not on top of the pile. He carefully turned every book over until he found the correct one and brought it over to me to finish reading. We were stunned!

Apparently we read to him often enough so that he not only recognizes the pictures, but the front covers too! He is just too much. Now if I could just get him to pick up all the books he tears down, that would be amazing!