Guess Who’s Bringing Over Dinner?

Today was a busy day.

First we took Aiden to the local gardening center to pick out some new plants for our front yard. Aiden went down for a nap, which gave us time to wrestled the juniper plant out of the front yard and finally make the front yard ours. It only took 6 years.

We gave our friends Tara and Drew a call to see what they were up to, but they weren’t home. We thought that we would get some errands done after Aiden woke up since they weren’t available. As luck would have it, they called back and decided to bring us dinner. It was so nice of them since we haven’t seen them in a while and I didn’t have to cook!

We hung out and stayed up way too late. It has been a while that we have stayed up past midnight without a baby dictating the events of the evening. I felt like I was back in college…talking and giggling. Drew fits right in, which is so cool since the three of us have been friends since college. Hooray for friends!