Vermont Vacation – Day Five

Chris attended the first day of the conference today so Aiden and I were on our own. It rained today which was fine because Chris took the car and we couldn’t go out anyway. Aiden had an afternoon nap and after I straightened up the living area I was able to do something I had been trying to do all year…I read a book.

Or should I say, I started to read a book. It was so nice to not have the laundry, cleaning or any other chore that looms over me at home to distract me from picking up a book. I only hope that if I don’t finish it on this vacation that I make time at home to actually read.

I have to say that this lack of responsibilities is the most relaxing feeling ever. Chris and I have been enjoying the evenings where we have just been sitting and talking. We talk at home but it’s more about what we need to do for the week or where we are going on the weekends. Over these past few days we have discussed politics and how we can be more active in our concern of the environment and what it has been like being parents over this past year. This vacation has allowed us to just “be” together and I am loving every minute of it!