Vermont Vacation – Day Six

Another conference day for Chris and another day at the hotel for Aiden and me. At least it wasn’t raining today. The highlights of the day were reading time during Aiden’s nap and taking Aiden in a pool for the first time ever.

For a heated pool I thought it was a bit chilly, but Aiden had a blast. We had to hold him, but he didn’t hesitate to kick his feet when we encouraged him. There were a couple balls floating around and Aiden enjoyed playing with them. The giggling and laughing was so worth the 20 minutes we spent splashing around. I am glad I decided to wait until Chris got home to take Aiden in the pool. Not sure if it would have been as much fun for him with me just floating around.

I’m actually getting sad that today was our last full day here. Tomorrow will be all about packing and driving.