Happy July 4th!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Here is a recap of our weekend…

Friday – Went to see the fireworks at the local high school with Shelia, Chris and Skylar. Just as the fireworks were starting, it began to rain. We stayed to watch them anyway and Aiden and Skylar were not phased in the least.

Sunday – Enjoyed a nice bbq at home with the company of Tara, Drew and Hamlet. Aiden had a ball playing “I’m Gonna Get You” with Hamlet until Hamlet would bark, which made Aiden cry. They were super cute playing together though.

Monday – Tara and Drew joined us for fireworks at the college where Chris works. There was a local band providing music and everyone (including Aiden) was dancing. The display was nice but much later than Friday night, so Aiden went to bed super late. I have to say he is not drastically affected by the changes in his routine and actually was pleasant to be around.

Tuesday – Attended a picnic at a friend’s house. We actually had four invites and chose this particular party because there was a pool. Yes, I even blew off seeing family, but since we don’t have a pool and Aiden loves the water, we just couldn’t pass this up. It rained on the way there and apparently all those who were on time to the picnic had to take cover. Our tardiness paid off this time! Chris, Aiden and I joined the kids in the pool and had a great time. I think we chose wisely.

Hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating our independence, while we still have it that is.