Rant Of The Week #3

Well, I’m another week closer to meeting this little life that has been growing inside me. It’s also another day in which I have yet one more rant I’d like to share.

Like most new moms I started a baby registry. Although, I know I’m not having a shower, I did the whole registry thing anyway so that in case anyone asked us what we needed I could just point them in that direction and my dear husband and I could pick what we wanted and buy at our own leisure without forgetting what it was we chose.

Without naming the store, let’s just say I chose a very well known “we sell everything for baby” store. This store also has an online registry feature. So, one would think this was perfect and convenient. You have two options – go to store and buy what is needed or go online and order it and have it delivered right to your door.

Well, so much for convenience. In the last month every time I go to my online registry more than half the items are listed as not available. As I mentioned I know several other pregnant women so I checked their registries to see if it’s just the stuff I wanted that’s not available. Nope, almost everything on everyone’s registry is not available. What is up with that? How are all we moms supposed to get what we need at this “we sell everything for baby” store if they don’t have anything we need?

Fortunately, my husband and I already have the essentials. Of course, accomplishing this involved me making numerous shopping trips to said store because not everything would fit in my car. It would have been a lot easier and less time consuming if I could have gone online and clicked a few buttons and had it all delivered to my door.

So, here’s a message to that “we sell everything baby” store …“Get your online act together! Life while pregnant is exhausting enough without the added inconvenience of making extra trips to your store!”

[Editor’s Note:] Stephanie is a stay at home mommy-to-be who will become a stay at home mom. She has been my friend since junior high and we have been through many of our own milestones in life together. She likes to say that she is the spicy to my sweet. She will be writing a weekly rant if she can think of that many things to rant about…and take my word for it, she can!

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