New Sign?

Aiden has been trying to tell me something I’m convinced of it. He still doesn’t say many words and he can sign quite a bit, but I’m not sure if this type of communication fits into either of those categories. He has something to say though, I’m sure…

Aiden has started to grab my face and pull. Yes, he is scratching and hurting me, but I have to remember that he is little and cannot tell me what is on his mind. What could he possibly be trying to say to me with this type of action…

“Mommy, I am in a tremendous amount of pain with these new molars coming in, could you please help me?”

“Mommy, I am really pissed that you took me away from the sink where I was having such fun splashing in the water!”

“Mommy, your face is bugging me today.”

I just really don’t know what he is trying to say, but I hope this phase does not last very long, my face can’t take it!