20 Weeks and Counting

Well, today Chris, Aiden and I headed over to the hospital for my 20 week ultrasound. We still don’t want to know what we are having, although I thought it would be nice to give Aiden a definitive, “You are having a baby brother/sister.” Other than that, I am ok not knowing.

The technician was gushing over the baby, saying how beautiful it was. Now, we saw the profile, the heart, the hands, a foot and yes, it was indeed a baby. In my opinion it was hard to distinguish how beautiful the baby was, but I guess since she does this for a living she would know!

Aiden understood that he was seeing the baby in mommy’s belly, but after about 10 minutes of watching the screen, he wanted to play with his dinosaurs. He warned them to stay away from the “shampoo” on my belly. I tell you that kid is too cute!

So, all in all, the baby is healthy and beautiful. That is good to know.