What a week. It started out with an ultrasound, 2 playdates and ended with a snow day. Let’s just say that I was ready for a pajama day, so it was about time it snowed.
Playdate number one was wonderful. Aiden had a fun time playing with autumn and Noah, such a good time in fact that we stayed well passed naptime. That was where I made my biggest mistake of the day. Aiden had a fit when we got home because his normal routine of watching a movie while I take a nap and then helping me make dinner was totally shot. He only had time to watch a measly PBS show and was devastated when Chris came home. After much screaming and crying, I was able to calm him down, get dinner ready and head out to work.

Playdate number two was not as successful. We thought Aiden and Justin would enjoy a fun time at the Uptown Playground (an indoor playground), boy were we wrong. Aiden wanted nothing to do with Justin and even pushed him when he sat in his seat. Not a good scenario when I really like the mom and had to apologize for my son’s behavior. No harm done though, once Aiden ate some lunch he warmed up to Justin and they were able to salvage some good playtime together. I made sure he had proper movie time before dinner, so no outbursts.

Sleeping is a novelty as Aiden has been waking up several times a night. Sometimes it’s 1-2 times and the other night it was at least 5 times. I think the last time I went a week having full nights sleep was before I was pregnant with Aiden. As I have mentioned in many a posts, I don’t do well with broken sleep. I’m trying to be patient with Aiden, but it is difficult with my current mood.

By today, I was thrilled that Chris had a day off due to the snow. About 6 inches fell over the course of the morning and I was shocked when Aiden did not want to go out and play. We realized that he has a stuffy nose and that could have attributed to his behavior this week. We had a fabulous day hanging out in our pajamas enjoying daddy being home. This was a really nice start to the weekend after a busy week.