Back on Board

Well, I am finally feeling like a normal person again. At least as normal as someone who is growing a huge belly and appetite to boot. The good news is all the irrational anxieties I have been having have seemed to melt away (the rational anxieties are still there, but not as debilitating). I have a much happier outlook about this pregnancy and the expansion of our already wonderful family.

We have been talking up the baby more and more to Aiden and he is taking it fairly well. The other day I had him help me wash out his baby tub and we talked about how the baby will be taking a bath in it. I showed him pictures of when he was little in the tub and he was amused. Now all he talks about is giving the baby a bath in the baby tub – all by himself. Not sure if that’s the best idea, but he is excited about helping, so I haven’t burst his bubble just yet.

For those moms out that there who have to suffer the whole pregnancy not feeling well – I feel for you. I thought for sure that I would be one of them, but am completely grateful for the reprieve. It feels so good to be back on board the mommy bus.