On Our Way…Eventually

This morning we are leaving for a mini-vacation in the Washington, DC area. It’s a 4-day weekend that consists of a hotel stay, a Baptism and some visiting with old (and new) friends. My friend from Junior High has asked us to be the godparents of her second child, of which I am very honored. I am nervous about how Aiden will interact with her 2 girls, but he needs as many experiences with other kids as possible. I hope he is not as aggressive as he has been.

The reason I am still sitting here writing (instead of driving) is that yesterday we had the sheetrock hung in the basement, much to Chris’s happiness. They would have been finished yesterday, however the estimate of needed pieces was off by about 5 sheets. So, here we sit (or should I say pack) waiting for them to finish the last few sheets. They arrived at 7 am (much to our unhappiness) and they are almost done. While it did put a little crimp in our schedule, we are thrilled by the idea that we did not have to complete this part on our own (or should I say, CHRIS did not have to do it on HIS own). The thought of walls being up before we leave is very exciting.

So, we will be on our way southbound soon. We are both looking forward to not thinking about planning or actually building anything for the basement. It is a much needed break for all of us.