First Trip of the Year

While the extended weekend away from home started off on a cranky note, mainly be me, it ended on a tired note. Aiden has allergies apparently and with each night he slept worse and worse. Our moods were really pushed to the edge for each of us and it seems we need a vacation from the vacation.

The trip for me was really nice (once I got over my grumpiness). I was able to hang out with my friend and finally meet her youngest daughter. They live by the other ocean and I don’t get to see them often (other than on the computer). Chris was kind enough to wrangle Aiden, which was not relaxing for him. Not that he doesn’t enjoy daddy time, but Aiden has been quite the toddler lately.

The Baptism was short and sweet and quite an honor for me. I am a godparent for several family members, but it is nice when a friend thinks that highly of me. I think I pulled off a good outfit for my ever expanding belly and Chris looked super handsome. I love it when he gets dressed up (or down for that matter). I can’t help it, he is still pretty sexy to me (17 years and counting!). But I digress…

We are glad to be home and hope that we are somewhat rejuvenated and ready to continue with all the madness that is the basement. Sadly, this is the the last trip we will take as a 3-person family. Maybe that isn’t so sad, but it is the end of the only way we knew how to function as a family. The new addition will be a happy one, but it will be a little sad to say goodbye to our little unit. The next trip should be interesting with four of us.