Hard to Believe…

My big boy is turning 4 today. I still remember the moment that I was sent to the hospital and the momentous birth of this most spectacular little being. This morning I told him (the abridged version) of how he came to be in this world and how happy we were to have him in our lives. He is trying to be independent and sometimes tests us by using his lovely vocabulary to let us know he is growing up, but all in all I am so very proud of my little man.

Sunday we had a wonderful birthday party at the park with both friends and family. It was chilly at the start, but the kids decorated kites and it wind was perfect for flying them. Yesterday he had his 4-year-old check up and was told he is one healthy kid. Today we went to the farm and met up with some friends. The kids had a great time chasing the geese (which he would never do in the past). It’s nice to be able to watch him grow up.

Happy 4th Birthday Aiden. We love you so very much!