Too Much Computer Perhaps?

Today we went to Island Beach State Park, our favorite place to spend time at the shore. We gave Aiden a choice of places we could go on our “adventure” and he chose a hike, but we convinced him that we could do a hike tomorrow as today would be a better day to visit the beach (holiday weekend and all). It was warm, but super windy. We set up the cabana and a great time was had by the four of us. Aiden voluntarily put his feet in the water (which was super cold by the way) and we were very proud parents as he was afraid of the water up until now. Alina played in the sand and it was a wonderful family day. Pizza Mike’s supplied dinner accommodations and the waitress recognized us from last season, so that was special too.

On our way home Aiden was complaining that it was taking too long to get to our house. We were actually about 10 minutes away from home, so I told him we were getting closer. His response, “We are still zoomed out and don’t tell me when we are zoomed in, I will tell you.”