Crazy Weekend

Thursday night we went to the viewing and Friday we went to the funeral for my stepfather’s mother. It was hot but the kids were good int he church. We opted out of the burial to take on the task of caring for my niece and nephew for the weekend. And what a weekend it was…

Between the funeral and playing with Aiden, the kids were so pooped that by 7:45 pm all the kids were in bed. Aiden even initiated getting in his pajamas all by himself (a fight we usually have every night). I didn’t know what to do! Fortunately, Alina decided that she hadn’t had enough food and wanted to eat again around 8:30 pm. By 9 pm, all the kids were finally asleep, but I thought that was still early for the older ones!

On Saturday, Aiden had a pool party to attend. I called to make sure it was ok that I was bringing to stow aways. Everyone had a great time until Alina decided that nap time was essential and we had to go. We treated the kids to Rita’s on the way home and planned the evening campout.

Saturday evening was The Great American Backyard Campout. My brother Jeff came up and we set up 3 tents in the common area and camped under the stars. The weather was kind as it was cool with low humidity, perfect for sleeping. By the time we set up the tents, roasted marshmellows and settled down it was close to 10 pm. I thought for sure we would all be up early.

Sunday came at the early hour of 7 am due to Alina being up. We juggled the kids and deconstructing the camp while having to get the house cleaned up for Alina’s 1st birthday party. Jeff was unexpectedly called home so he wasn’t going to be part of the festivities and my mom and Tom went down to the shore to give Tom a much needed break. So it was us and the kids and my dad and his wife. The house got cleaned, the food was purchased and the intimate party was under way. My kids decided they had had enough of the craziness and wanted to rest upstairs for a bit. My dad followed them and the 3 of them took a snooze for a while. The rest of us played a game of Monopoly. Chris took care of the kids when they got up and my dad finally emerged and hung out with them. We called the game when all the properties were purchsed and a Wii marathon began. After lots of fun everyone left and we put the kids to bed. Finally a nice quiet house.

I think we will appreciate having a low key couple of days before the next crazy weekend begins!