Blog vs. Facebook: The Ebb and Flow of Communicating

The time I have spent off the blog was replaced by another familiar internet entity, Facebook. I joined Facebook and it wasn’t long before I decided that my blog was no longer the best way for me to express myself. First off, I was noticing that most of my blog posts had to do with my kids and not so much with parenting, a.k.a. I was dong a lot of complaining. I was also noticing that on Facebook I was receiving much more instant gratification, where the blog was a slower process to get people to comment. So I went from having to type long(ish) tomes to short bursts of information while getting likes and comments all within minutes and hours. Seemed like a no brainer for a mom who had very little time to herself. Plus I was able to catch up with friends and family in an instant, no phone calls or emails. The hard work I was putting into being a mom was being offset by this very readily accessible way to communicate with the outside world.

This past school year I had the opportunity of having both kids in school full time and I noticed a switch in my priorities as far as communicating with my friends and family. No longer do I intently check Facebook at multiple times of the day to see how everyone else is experiencing life. No longer do I post multiple times a week or day to receive that instant gratification. What has changed? I no longer craved to be part of the “Look at me and what I am doing right now” crowd. I think while my children are growing up and experiencing the expansion of their world, I am experiencing a similar phenomenon.

There is an ebb and flow throughout our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Physical development from when we were young, mental development as we grow up and intellectual and/or career development as we grow older. I seem to be hypersensitive to these changes in myself and my children. I have made a point to educate myself on how to best guide my kids through their ebbs and flows, most of which is just common sense. When they were young they developed so quickly and now as they are getting older it has slowed down, but for me, become even more rewarding to assist them in becoming independent. I know that they are not mine to keep and want them to be the best adults they can be with me always there on the sidelines.

Now that it is my turn to focus a little more on myself, I find myself being more reflective and less instantaneous. What do I want to do for the family and my career? Less and less posts on Facebook have turned me into a stalker of others and less of a sharer. I do find the need to share my thoughts and so here I am back on the blog. With some ideas for my career in motion and the groundwork being laid, I will reveal my plans when the time presents itself. Until then, you will be able to enjoy my thoughts on a much deeper level than Facebook can provide. Ebb and flow, so I join you to come with me while I go with the flow!