What Do We Have Here?

I have been trying to figure out what exactly the focus of this blog is or should be. Parenting, traveling, career, oh my! I was agonizing over this when I realized that there are no rules that dictate I need to come up with a focus. I have many interests as, I am sure, you do too.

Way back when, in the mid-nineties, I created a website (before blogs were a thing) for a post-graduate class that discussed education topics. They can be found here: Multiculturalism, Year Round Schooling, and School Vouchers. The idea was to read articles about a hot topic in education, write about what I read and start a discussion. Who knew I was on the cutting edge of internet communication at that time? So, should this be the focus of my blog to continue to discuss educational hot topics?

When I was a student teacher for a second grade class I created not just a lesson but a whole unit on dinosaurs. I turned the classroom into a museum where the students were the employees. Not only did I teach them about dinosaurs, but I also taught them how to apply for a job, participate in meetings and training, and earn a paycheck. I decided that this was such a wonderful unit that it should be shared with teachers everywhere. The lessons and activities can be found here: Dinosaur Unit. So, should this be the focus of my blog to continue to post my lessons and units?

On a personal note, I also started posting info about all the places we have been traveling as a couple. Looking back, I provided very limited information, which I thought I was being clear and to the point. I realize now that it may not be the best way to continue recording our travels. Since being offline, my family has been documenting our vacations in a journal. These will eventually make their way to this blog as I love sharing our adventures. So, should this be the focus of my blog to continue to post our travels?

Not long after having my first child, three weeks precisely, I was home alone with a newborn and needed an outlet. This blog as a way to share my parenting experiences, a Mommy Blog shall we say, and a way to feel like I was connecting with the outside world. I have been enjoying reading through those sleep deprived moments and seeing that I could find the good in some of them. My kids are pretty cool (I’m sure yours are too) and have always had strong personalities. It was fun to read about them when they were really young and realize how much they have matured. So, should this be the focus of my blog to continue to record the goings-on of my kids and impart the wisdom that I have come to obtain?

In writing about what this blog has evolved from and into I realized that it will be what it is, an exploration of the world that I have come to create. Teaching, traveling, parenting and whatever the next chapter is. I am excited to share my journey with you, everything from the good, the bad and the ugly. So come along with me and explore my world.