How Romantic

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary. I was so excited being that 8 is my favorite number. Can you guess how we spent this wonderful occasion? I bet not…

After a long day with the kids and an uneventful, yet delicious dinner (with cake for dessert), we finally got both kids down. Around 9pm was when we had the much needed alone time to celebrate our day. Chris went downstairs and I told him I would join him momentarily. Well, 3 hours later he comes up to find me passed out on the bed – I haven’t had much sleep lately with all the waking up at night from both of the kids. So around midnight we exchanged cards and tucked ourselves into bed!

Happy Anniversary!

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Back to the Gym

I finally scheduled a session with my trainer at the gym. She was very happy to see me, as I was to see her. It has been about 2 1/2 months since having Alina and I am very anxious to get the weight off. My goal is to be down to a smaller size by the time we go visit Chris’s family for Thanksgiving. Ideally I’d like to be pre-pregnancy weight by then, but I’m not going to be upset if I am just looking better than right now.

Holy cow, did she give me quite a routine! I am sore and I didn’t even do a full set of everything. I hope I can make time to get to the gym 2-3 times a week. The weight will fall off if I can keep with it. I will try my hardest.

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Today the cool car (that’s what Aiden has dubbed the Odyssey) had to be towed to the Honda dealer. It is the second time in two weeks that the not-even-year-old-with-less-than-10,000-miles-on-it car had to be taken in for servicing. The first time the check engine light went on and they told me a mouse had chewed through some wire causing the light to go on. This week we were on our way to the grocery store and I noticed the car was unlocked and nothing happened when I tried to turn it on. I was mad too because we didn’t have much food in the house and I was craving something sweet.

So, instead of going to the store, Aiden and I waited for the towing company to come and take the car. I decided to check out under the hood to see if there was anything I could find (not that I know what I’m looking for, mind you). Well, much to my surprise, I did find something under the hood, something you would not normally find there – a nest! There were foot long sticks and balled up fuzzy stuff in the shape of a nest. Now, I know mice are good, but for those sticks to be there, it had to be an animal that had some muscle. I took pictures as I didn’t think that anyone would believe me.

The tow truck guy came and made me feel oh so good about the situation. He said that it was probably the battery as I had left the parking lights on. I assured him that I did not leave the parking lights on, but it was probably due to the fact that while I was trying to wrestle the car seat out of the back Aiden had been pushing buttons and pulling levers. I also should him the chewed up wires and nest under the hood. What do you think his response was? “Those wires are not chewed, they are just frayed.” Yes, that’s it, my girl brain must have gotten in the way of rational logic!
Later, I called the insurance guy to see if this was something that was covered under the policy as this was the second time this happened. We just couldn’t afford to have this keep happening every couple weeks, not to mention be down one vehicle. He had no idea if it was covered and then had the nerve to say that I must not look under the hood that often. I reminded him that this car was less than a year old and I didn’t think that it was necessary to do so. Did these men today think I was some stupid housewife who doesn’t know a thing about “manly” stuff? Let’s just say, I was not happy.

The thing that really annoyed me is that last fall Aiden and I would pile up the acorns in the back yard for the squirrels to find. Isn’t there a saying that one good deed deserves another? I guess no one told the squirrels.

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I’m 40???

Chris and I finally joined a gym. I have been trying to lose weight since the birth of Aiden (yes, that’s over 2 years ago) and I have leveled off. I am successfully in the upper 120’s, but I need help with specific areas. So, we joined a Wellness Center, which is a gym sponsored by the hospital and now reality has hit me hard.

First you make an appointment with a nurse and then you see a trainer. Well, my visit with the nurse started out after leaving Aiden, for the first time ever with strangers, at the gym’s day care center. He was crying, so of course my blood pressure was up. Then it was time for the scale, which was not as bad as I thought. That was the last bit of good news from the nurse I would receive. My flexibility: poor. Strength assessment: fair. Body Fat: 26.4%. Overall, my body thinks it’s 40 years old and I’m only 36! If that wasn’t enough of a hit, I’m supposed to be shooting for a body age of 30.

I have my meeting with the trainer on Friday, so we will see what that entails. I can’t wait!

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Rant Of The Week #3

Well, I’m another week closer to meeting this little life that has been growing inside me. It’s also another day in which I have yet one more rant I’d like to share.

Like most new moms I started a baby registry. Although, I know I’m not having a shower, I did the whole registry thing anyway so that in case anyone asked us what we needed I could just point them in that direction and my dear husband and I could pick what we wanted and buy at our own leisure without forgetting what it was we chose.

Without naming the store, let’s just say I chose a very well known “we sell everything for baby” store. This store also has an online registry feature. So, one would think this was perfect and convenient. You have two options – go to store and buy what is needed or go online and order it and have it delivered right to your door.

Well, so much for convenience. In the last month every time I go to my online registry more than half the items are listed as not available. As I mentioned I know several other pregnant women so I checked their registries to see if it’s just the stuff I wanted that’s not available. Nope, almost everything on everyone’s registry is not available. What is up with that? How are all we moms supposed to get what we need at this “we sell everything for baby” store if they don’t have anything we need?

Fortunately, my husband and I already have the essentials. Of course, accomplishing this involved me making numerous shopping trips to said store because not everything would fit in my car. It would have been a lot easier and less time consuming if I could have gone online and clicked a few buttons and had it all delivered to my door.

So, here’s a message to that “we sell everything baby” store …“Get your online act together! Life while pregnant is exhausting enough without the added inconvenience of making extra trips to your store!”

[Editor’s Note:] Stephanie is a stay at home mommy-to-be who will become a stay at home mom. She has been my friend since junior high and we have been through many of our own milestones in life together. She likes to say that she is the spicy to my sweet. She will be writing a weekly rant if she can think of that many things to rant about…and take my word for it, she can!

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