Moving Right Along

My dad and his wife visited today. We banned the guys to the basement and headed out to go shopping. Unfortunately, Aiden fell asleep on the way to the first outlet store and cried the entire time we shopped there. He eventually perked up and we were able to salvage the outing. All in all it was a nice day with my stepmom, whom I don’t usually spend one on one time with.

The basement is coming along and I think we all can’t wait until it is complete. The drop ceiling is going up soon and I am hoping to call the inspectors in the next week or so. I am tired of the house looking a wreck and want to move on to Aiden’s new room (which has all the computers in it that will go in the basement) and turn Aiden’s current room back into the nursery. It will happen, right?

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Oh Happy Walls

The walls are finally completely done in the basement! They have sheetrock, have been spackled and are sanded. The basement is a bit dusty, but the relief of not having to do it ourselves has been such a weight lifted off us. Now we just have to get my dad to help us with some incidentals, Chris has to get the drop ceiling up and I have to get the electrician back for the finishing touches. The guy is coming to measure for the rug tomorrow and then I am no longer tethered to the house. After the inspections, painting and carrying everything back down, we can move forward with getting the house ready for the new addition.

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On Our Way…Eventually

This morning we are leaving for a mini-vacation in the Washington, DC area. It’s a 4-day weekend that consists of a hotel stay, a Baptism and some visiting with old (and new) friends. My friend from Junior High has asked us to be the godparents of her second child, of which I am very honored. I am nervous about how Aiden will interact with her 2 girls, but he needs as many experiences with other kids as possible. I hope he is not as aggressive as he has been.

The reason I am still sitting here writing (instead of driving) is that yesterday we had the sheetrock hung in the basement, much to Chris’s happiness. They would have been finished yesterday, however the estimate of needed pieces was off by about 5 sheets. So, here we sit (or should I say pack) waiting for them to finish the last few sheets. They arrived at 7 am (much to our unhappiness) and they are almost done. While it did put a little crimp in our schedule, we are thrilled by the idea that we did not have to complete this part on our own (or should I say, CHRIS did not have to do it on HIS own). The thought of walls being up before we leave is very exciting.

So, we will be on our way southbound soon. We are both looking forward to not thinking about planning or actually building anything for the basement. It is a much needed break for all of us.

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Inspection Week

The first of the many inspections were scheduled this week. Yesterday we had the rough electrical and today we had the rough building. Chris has been worried about the building especially because he feels that he doesn’t know what he is doing. Well, we passed both so he should have nothing to worry about. Except, of course, maybe the insulation installation, hanging and taping of the sheetrock, putting up the grid for the drop ceiling and trying to get this all done before Aiden’s birthday.

I am trying to keep things in check and keep him focused on the individual tasks at hand so the whole project doesn’t make him crazy. I have to say, for someone who usually sits in front of a computer for most of the day, he is working like a trooper in the basement. While being out of his element, he is handling it very well and according to the building inspector, he is doing everything right. My job is to keep things moving and I think we are both doing well, so far!

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The Electrician is Coming, The Electrician is Coming!

I am so excited that the electrician came over today. This means the basement is continuing to move forward. He was able to start today, but did not get very far since he had another job to go to in the afternoon. He may come back tomorrow, but will definitely be back before the end of the week. I hope he gets most of it done so we can call the inspector and get this project moving!

On a funny note, Aiden was excited that his new playroom was being worked on too. He kept calling the electrician “Pop Pop”. The poor guy kept saying, “Not yet buddy!” Granted he had gray hair, but he looks nothing like any of Aiden’s three grandfathers. I guess since one of his Pop Pop’s helped daddy, it made sense to him that another one would be doing the electric. Too funny!

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