Basement Update

It has been four weeks since the construction on our basement has begun. It was a miracle we were able to clean it out completely (lots of stuff went to recycling, Good Will and in the garbage) as there was stuff in there we never went through before we moved here. It felt really go through it all and get rid of stuff (very cathartic), however we are now living with all that stuff tucked away in various nooks and crannies of the rest of the house. It is becoming a bit clausterphobic to me, but I am making do.

Anyway, my dad and Chris have been working so hard to get all the framing done. This weekend Chris has to complete it so we can get the electrician here. I would like to schedule him for next week so we can get all the necessary inspections before my dad can come back the first weekend in April. I feel like a foreman trying to keep the project on schedule, as I am becoming quite the pest reminding of the time limits we are under. I am very proud of Chris, as this is quite out of his comfort zone yet he is working very diligently and accomplishing most of the work himself.

I am hoping we can be completely done by Aiden’s birthday in May, but the real goal is to have it completed before the baby comes so we can move Aiden into his own room. We can’t do that at the moment as the computers are in the room we will be moving him. So, until the computers are moved into the basement, we can’t even get the furniture for Aiden’s new room. Now can you see why I’m such a pain about the time schedule? The baby is due July 8th, but the doctor has every confidence that I will have it at the end of June (Aiden was 2 weeks early). So, there is no time for dilly-dallying.

Why can’t we just do one thing at a time? Nooooo, we have to get pregnant, finish the basement and redecorate a room for Aiden. Sometimes I think we enjoy being under pressure and that just sounds crazy!

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