First Class – Yoga

Aiden and I started going to a Mommy and Me class called Bright Beginnings one day before he was 3 weeks old. We just needed to get out of the house and boy am I glad we did. We met some great mommies and wonderful kids while learning about different aspects of life with baby. I convinced a friend of mine who had her little boy just 4 days before me that she should join us for the class and lunch afterwards.

The first session was on yoga with and without your baby. It was funny because Fiona (my friend) questioned whether or not we would actually be doing yoga. I assured her that since this was just a topic that we would be discussing it rather than actually doing it. I had never been to a class, but thought this was a safe assumption. Boy was she not pleased with me!

After doing some relaxing yoga, much to Fiona’s dismay. We went to the nearby pizza place to grab a bite. Two of the moms (with tag along kids) joined us and we started our own “First Time Mom’s Club”.

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