Too Many Playdates

This week we had 3 different playdates, which would normally be a good thing, right? I have been trying to expose Aiden to as many experiences as possible so he can learn how to socialize with kids his own age. I have been concerned that being at home with me might be a little stifling, plus I’d like a break from playing all the time.

Aiden was great for all the playdates, so as far as socializing he is doing fine, but the timing was bad. Allergy season is in full swing and Aiden has not been able to escape the symptoms. Playing outside 3 days in a row was probably not a smart move on my part, but he was having so much fun. It was no longer fun when he woke up every 2 hours at night not being able to breath because he was so stuffy. The children’s Claritan helped him a little but he just wouldn’t stay upright at night which made it worse.

This means we are both tired and cranky to attend a time honored tradition of Ag Field day at my Alma Mater. I was sad to miss the events and share them with my family, but we both needed a down day. It was worth it because we each got the rest we needed and our noses thanked us as well. I guess too much of a good thing can be bad.

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Family Birthdays

My niece and nephew had a combined birthday party today. Aiden had a great time because it was nice enough out that the kids played at a nearby park for a while. The only downside to the party was that my brother didn’t plan for food. There were plenty of snacks and, of course, cake, but no real food. The crankies didn’t take long to set in for all of us and we flew to the nearest Panara’s to eat after it was over.

It was nice to see my family, but Aiden is scared of my mom and brother. They are very loud individuals and get in his face which is not to Aiden’s liking. They can’t understand why he doesn’t want to play with them or let them hold him, even though I try to explain in a kind manner that he is sensitive and needs time to warm up. I know you can’t change people, but it sure is hard to deal with on a regular basis since they won’t heed my advice to let Aiden come to them.

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First Trip of the Year

While the extended weekend away from home started off on a cranky note, mainly be me, it ended on a tired note. Aiden has allergies apparently and with each night he slept worse and worse. Our moods were really pushed to the edge for each of us and it seems we need a vacation from the vacation.

The trip for me was really nice (once I got over my grumpiness). I was able to hang out with my friend and finally meet her youngest daughter. They live by the other ocean and I don’t get to see them often (other than on the computer). Chris was kind enough to wrangle Aiden, which was not relaxing for him. Not that he doesn’t enjoy daddy time, but Aiden has been quite the toddler lately.

The Baptism was short and sweet and quite an honor for me. I am a godparent for several family members, but it is nice when a friend thinks that highly of me. I think I pulled off a good outfit for my ever expanding belly and Chris looked super handsome. I love it when he gets dressed up (or down for that matter). I can’t help it, he is still pretty sexy to me (17 years and counting!). But I digress…

We are glad to be home and hope that we are somewhat rejuvenated and ready to continue with all the madness that is the basement. Sadly, this is the the last trip we will take as a 3-person family. Maybe that isn’t so sad, but it is the end of the only way we knew how to function as a family. The new addition will be a happy one, but it will be a little sad to say goodbye to our little unit. The next trip should be interesting with four of us.

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Party, Party, Party

This weekend we had 3 birthday parties to attend – a 3rd, 30th and 40th. It was quite the whirlwind for Aiden, what with all that cake! I was nervous that it would throw him so far off his schedule that it would take a while to rejigger him. He seems to be doing ok though.

On Saturday, we started with the 3rd birthday party. That one was more for Aiden, of course and since daddy was still working in the basement, we had to go ourselves. He had a blast! There were kids there and lots of toys, cookies and cake. It was a great party because I was able to catch up with my mommy friends and Aiden played without me by his side. I did tried to leave at a good time so Aiden would still have some down time at home (he still needs it even though he doesn’t nap – sniff, sniff), but he did not want to leave. I could tell that all the kids were getting tired, although they protested the accusation, so we headed out. One movie and no dinner later, Aiden was ready for a bath and bed and so was I.

Which leads me to the 30th party. That one was in our neighborhood, so it was close. Chris was still working on the basement and said I should go and make an appearance. I gave Aiden a bath and put him to bed and proceeded to fall asleep myself. So, while I was looking forward to some adult interaction, I basically missed the event. So sorry Shelia!

Today, we attended a surprise party for one of Chris’s friends. We arrived just before the guest of honor, so we had to sit at a table all by ourselves as everyone’s tables were filled. Why is it at these events do I attract all the kids? Even pregnant, they would rather hang out with me then be cool on their own. So, I wasn’t alone while my husband socialized. It was nice to see him do that as I am usually the butterfly. Plus, I had the extra benefit of the kids waiting on me! Not too bad for a party filled weekend.

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Happy Easter Froggie

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate! We had a busy travel day day today, visiting my dad in the early afternoon for an early dinner and then over to my mom’s for dessert. Aiden had a great time visiting at my dad’s as his cousins were there, which he always has a fun time with. My poor nephew though – Aiden ordered him around the whole time! “Joe Joe come here.” “Joe Joe play with me.” “Joe Joe come outside with me.” Joe Joe is in first grade and has two older sisters, so this poor kid is never in charge, even though he is in first grade and should be leading Aiden around. By the time we went over to my mom’s, Aiden was spent so that visit wasn’t as enjoyable for Aiden. All in all it was a good day though.

On the way home, we figured Aiden would conk out in the car. We were chatting about who we saw and sharing stories about different family members, when all of a sudden we hear music from the backseat. Apparently, Aiden unzipped the diaper bag, took out my phone and started to push buttons until he was playing music. Now, let me just point out that my phone only has different rings, but no music or games or anything. I took the phone from him I noticed he was playing Frogger. He said, “See the froggie mommy!” OK! When I inspected further I realized that Aiden had not only purchased Frogger, but Monopoly and World Class Poker. So, he purchased 3 games and figured out how to play one of them. I quickly canceled all the games and kept the phone in the front seat. I know most of what he does is random with the button pushing, but sometimes I wonder!

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