Cloud Angels

The kids and I were on our way to a playdate when Aiden discovered something. He announced that he saw a snow angel made out of the blue clouds and that the sun was shining through it. This kid is just too much, how can one not smile when he is around?

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Too Cute

Aiden did something that he has never done before and we were so thrilled. Chris and I woke up before the kids, which is an amazing feat in and of itself. We were chatting and heard a noise. I was sure it was Aiden getting out of bed, but he didn’t make an appearance into our room as he does every morning. Minutes went by and we were convinced that maybe he went to the bathroom or something fell in his room. Then we heard it on the monitor and couldn’t believe our ears…

Aiden had woke up and went right into Alina’s room. She had been awake, but playing in her crib and he must have heard her chattering away to her animals. He went in and started talking to her. It was adorable! “It’s ok little girl.” “I’m here little girl.” We heard laughing and giggling and almost went in to try and sneak a peek. We didn’t make our way in until Alina realized that while Aiden was really funny he couldn’t get her out of the crib and called for, rather cried, for us.

I hope this means that they will be friends as they grow older. Aiden makes Alina laugh the hardest out of all of us. She wants everything he has and he is learning how to share with her. He wants to hold her all the time and always makes sure she is comfortable. They were super cute while in DC and can only hope that this means we will have lots of fun vacations together.

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Baby Girl

My baby girl is 11 months old today. She has been going through so many changes over the last month. She crawls, cruises and has been signing like crazy. Her sense of humor is too funny as she teases her brother, in a nice way. She has 5 teeth and counting. I am really starting to feel like she a person and not a screaming, eating, pooping machine. Don’t get me wrong, she can scream and cry with the best of them, but she is really starting to show signs of understanding what we are saying and being able to communicate with us. It’s pretty incredible.

I do remember what happened exactly a year ago today with regard to baby girl. I was pregnant and just starting to calm down (as I was a wreck most of the pregnancy) and be ready for labor. I was actually looking forward to delivering my little bundle and find out who this person would be. I felt so close to my son from the moment he was born and was hoping, yet scared to death, for a girl. I had just had an appointment with a midwife in my doctor’s practice and she assured me that the baby was in position. It was the very next day that the event that changed my pregnancy for what I thought was the worst happened.

I was sitting in bed watching a movie. I’m not sure which movie it was because I was so distracted by the unbelievable uncomfortable feeling I was having. It felt nothing like labor, which was good because it was over a month until my due date. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I wanted to wait it out to see if it would continue or go away. I had an ultrasound scheduled on Monday and being that this was happening on a Saturday evening while Chris was still working in the basement, I was concerned but not panicked. It was the weirdest most bizarre feeling I have ever felt. I thought maybe I ate something that didn’t agree with me. Apparently, I found out that it was something that didn’t agree with Alina.

Alina, my cute and adorable little girl, had decided that she was not really in position. She had decided that head down was not her forte. She had decided that standing was much better than being on her head. My baby had turned breech! When I found this out at the ultrasound on Monday, I was shocked. I mean, the midwife had just told me on Friday that she was in position. One more thing for me to cry about, like I hadn’t been crying almost everyday as it was. This was such a different experience than I had when pregnant with Aiden, but they say that every pregnancy is different. She is definitely different and I am looking forward to seeing how different she is as she grows into a beautiful young woman. Here’s to my baby girl!

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Crawling and Standing and Cruising, Oh My!

Well, the last two weeks have been quite eventful for our little girl. Alina went from screaming whenever she was on her belly, to crab crawling to full blown crawling super fast. Talk about a fast learner! Alina however cannot be satisfied with that though. She is now pulling herself up to standing and is cruising around table, chairs or anything she can get her hands on! She will now let go once she is upright and balance for close to a minute without falling. I sense that walking is not far in her future!

In addition to all the physical momentum she has going, she just broke though tooth number four this week. She is handling them just like her brother. Every tooth is a mouth full of hurt.

It seemed like overnight that she went from screaming whenever we put her near the tub to splashing with her brother in utter pleasure. Thankfully we don’t have to fight her anymore in the water, but boy is she going from one extreme to another!

I hope this is not an indication of how her personality will develop. I’m not sure I am ready to handle such extremems with someone other than myself!

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Half Way There

Aiden has been taking swimming lessons and he has completed half the classes so far. I have to say he is doing very well for someone who spent most of his time in the water attached to one of our necks. He is not afraid of the pool at all, but he never wanted to wear swimmies or anything that would allow him to float on his own. So, needless to say I was skeptical about whether or not he would do well at these classes. Boy, did he show me!

Aiden is doing very well and I suspect that he will be very close to swimming on his own when it is over. I am so excited to see how well he is listening to the instructor and following directions. The instructor has even (without Aiden’s knowledge) let go and let him swim by himself. He doesn’t go far, but it’s because he panics once he realizes she is not holding on anymore. Hopefully the panicking will subside and he will feel confident to swim on his own soon.

Chris has been taking him to the pool at the gym on the weekends so Aiden can practice. It’s nice that he has the opportunity to spend time with Aiden. I think Aiden really likes having daddy to himself too. Aiden is really devoted to swimming too because he will spend over an hour practicing on a kick board in the lap pool. He is a pretty amazing kid.

I can’t wait to see how he does by the end of the lessons. I am realizing that while I provide quite of bit for him, he will learn from others too. Makes me not so neverous about sending him to pre-school next year. Seems as though mommy is learning too!

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