Poor Obama

We were on our way to the grocery store the other day when Aiden noticed the road we were driving on was very bumpy. You see, the roads in Princeton are basically designed for the SUVs that everyone owns to make them feel as if they are driving off road. So, this is the conversation we have…

“Mommy, the road is still bumpy. Why hasn’t Barack Obama fixed it yet?”
“I don’t know Aiden. I guess he has been busy.”
“Maybe you should call him and tell him he needs to fix it. It’s very bumpy.”

I decided to leave the civics lesson for another day. I think it’s cute he thinks Barack Obama should fix everything!

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One year ago today at this very moment I was prepped and getting ready to be wheeled into the room where the most wonderful and scary thing happened. The baby I had been carrying for almost 9 months was about to be born. I was scared because I had never had a c-section before and up until this point had been crying everyday after I finding out I needed to have one. On the other hand, I was about to learn who this precious little bundle was. I was so happy that Chris was there with me and that Aiden was being cared for by Chris’s mom and her husband. One year ago today was a very special day that I will not soon forget.

The pregnancy up until this point had been very different than my first one. I was crying everyday, I was not sure how I could love two kids and petrified that I would not be able to handle it if the baby was a girl. One year later it turns out that I am doing just fine and the kids get along great (so far!). Happy Birthday to my very special and incredibly loved little girl!

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Leaps and Bounds

Alina is really kicking it up a notch regarding her development. Today she said her first real word (besides “Mama” and “Dada”) which was “Banana.” She has also been taking steps on her own. She cracks me up because she has been doing a downward facing dog and then standing up for a month or so. Now she has added a couple steps to the routine! She is going to be walking in no time. Aiden is so excited when she does it, “Mommy, Mommy! Alina is trying to walk!” Let’s see if she is just like her brother and walking just before her 1st birthday next week.

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Cloud Angels

The kids and I were on our way to a playdate when Aiden discovered something. He announced that he saw a snow angel made out of the blue clouds and that the sun was shining through it. This kid is just too much, how can one not smile when he is around?

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Too Cute

Aiden did something that he has never done before and we were so thrilled. Chris and I woke up before the kids, which is an amazing feat in and of itself. We were chatting and heard a noise. I was sure it was Aiden getting out of bed, but he didn’t make an appearance into our room as he does every morning. Minutes went by and we were convinced that maybe he went to the bathroom or something fell in his room. Then we heard it on the monitor and couldn’t believe our ears…

Aiden had woke up and went right into Alina’s room. She had been awake, but playing in her crib and he must have heard her chattering away to her animals. He went in and started talking to her. It was adorable! “It’s ok little girl.” “I’m here little girl.” We heard laughing and giggling and almost went in to try and sneak a peek. We didn’t make our way in until Alina realized that while Aiden was really funny he couldn’t get her out of the crib and called for, rather cried, for us.

I hope this means that they will be friends as they grow older. Aiden makes Alina laugh the hardest out of all of us. She wants everything he has and he is learning how to share with her. He wants to hold her all the time and always makes sure she is comfortable. They were super cute while in DC and can only hope that this means we will have lots of fun vacations together.

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