Sign of the Times

Today we had a video conference with Kadri, Jamie and Kaili located in Maple Valley, Washington. It was so exciting because this is Aiden’s and Kaili’s first Christmas. It was really nice to be able to share the joy of opening presents and seeing the expression on their faces. We sent Kaili a Taggies Blanket and a pink bunny bath sponge that I’m sure she will enjoy them when she is a little older.

Aiden was sent the Baby Einstein Baby Wordsworth DVD. It is an introduction to words and sign language room by room. I have been learning and teaching sign language to Aiden for a few months now and this should be a nice addition to the Pick Me Up! Fun Songs for Learning Signs book and CD. Upon further research, I have found that while this DVD is good, the Signing Time DVD are recommended as well as the Sign With Your Baby Complete Learning Kit. I also found a great web site that shows video of how to sign words in the American Sign Language Browser.

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