Hooray for Haircuts

This may seem a bit silly, but I was so excited to go and get my hair cut this evening. The last time I was able to set foot in a salon was my birthday (yes, November). I had been so sick with the pregnancy that the thought of going into one made me dry heave.

So, once I started feeling better the first thing I did (besides rejoice) was schedule a hair appointment. I couldn’t be more happy with my stylist, who has been making me look the best I have in years. It took about half an hour, but it was so nice to get out and pamper myself.

For those of you who have regular appointments, please appreciate what you have. When you can’t get to go, you really miss something so routine. Hooray for Cookie (my stylist) and hooray for haircuts!

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Back on Board

Well, I am finally feeling like a normal person again. At least as normal as someone who is growing a huge belly and appetite to boot. The good news is all the irrational anxieties I have been having have seemed to melt away (the rational anxieties are still there, but not as debilitating). I have a much happier outlook about this pregnancy and the expansion of our already wonderful family.

We have been talking up the baby more and more to Aiden and he is taking it fairly well. The other day I had him help me wash out his baby tub and we talked about how the baby will be taking a bath in it. I showed him pictures of when he was little in the tub and he was amused. Now all he talks about is giving the baby a bath in the baby tub – all by himself. Not sure if that’s the best idea, but he is excited about helping, so I haven’t burst his bubble just yet.

For those moms out that there who have to suffer the whole pregnancy not feeling well – I feel for you. I thought for sure that I would be one of them, but am completely grateful for the reprieve. It feels so good to be back on board the mommy bus.

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20 Weeks and Counting

Well, today Chris, Aiden and I headed over to the hospital for my 20 week ultrasound. We still don’t want to know what we are having, although I thought it would be nice to give Aiden a definitive, “You are having a baby brother/sister.” Other than that, I am ok not knowing.

The technician was gushing over the baby, saying how beautiful it was. Now, we saw the profile, the heart, the hands, a foot and yes, it was indeed a baby. In my opinion it was hard to distinguish how beautiful the baby was, but I guess since she does this for a living she would know!

Aiden understood that he was seeing the baby in mommy’s belly, but after about 10 minutes of watching the screen, he wanted to play with his dinosaurs. He warned them to stay away from the “shampoo” on my belly. I tell you that kid is too cute!

So, all in all, the baby is healthy and beautiful. That is good to know.

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Tums Cure Everything

So, the nausea has subsided however I am now not sleeping well at night. I can only stay on my left side for 3-4 hours before my hip throbs in pain. Aiden has also been waking up 1-2 times a night screaming because of nightmares or sometimes even night terrors. He goes back to sleep however my brain has decided that 5 am is a good time to stay awake (even though I can’t fall asleep until between 1-2 am). Needless to say, I am a cranky mommy due to very little sleep.

In addition to telling me that I need to calm down (yes, my 2 1/2 year old has decided that my crankiness is not fun) he has taken it up on himself to try and make me feel better. During the first trimester I basically lived on Tums and we told Aiden that it was not candy but special medicine for mommy because her belly didn’t feel well. Now, when I tell him I don’t feel well due to the lack of sleep he runs into my room to get me 2 or more Tums! Apparently, Tums cure everything!

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Holiday Time

As some of you know, I am about through my first trimester with my second child. This pregnancy has been quite different than my first one, with morning/all day sickness, exhaustion and a 2 1/2 year old. It has been challenging to deal with the physical aspects as well as the emotional, with thoughts of not wanting or not know how I’m going to love another baby. The first few months of having Aiden were hard and the thought of going through that again was not appealing. But I’m happy to say that I’m feeling a bit different at the moment.

Aiden has been so wonderful, letting me take naps even though he has given his up. He plays very well by himself and lets me sleep for about an hour before he tells me it’s time to be awake. My husband is a dream helping me and not judging me every step of the way. And now that my class is over, my husband is on vacation and I seem to be on the mend, I am so happy for the holidays. Never mind I just got my Christmas cards finished and sent out today. Who cares that I have all the wrapping to do? And as for the tree in the garage, it will be decorated before our Christmas Eve party. I’m feeling good about he holidays, seeing family and sharing our wonderful news with them.

We decided to wait and spring it on my family on Christmas Eve. I am out of my first trimester, so no worries there and we will be seeing everyone at once which makes it special. We are going to have Aiden announce that he is going to be a big brother next year, so it will be fun to see their reaction.

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a very healthy and glorious new year.

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