Washington DC Trip

Well, we are back in DC with two kids now and it was worth coming yet again. The trip down was ok. We were supposed to leave in the morning, but Chris had to work a half day so I had to get everything ready with the kids. I didn’t have Alina nap in the morning hoping she would sleep most of the way down, she only napped about an hour in the car. We caught some traffic on the beltway and our GPS rerouted us through local streets, which was not too bad since it was during rush hour. Once we arrived at the hotel I unpacked and took care of Alina while Chris and Aiden went down to the pool.

Day 2 started out on a tired note as Alina was up most of the night teething. That meant we were all up most of the night except Aiden who can miraculously sleep through anything. It was amazing we got up and out by 10 am. We took the Metro into DC and headed over to the Air and Space Museum. I was a little cranky and tried to get myself in check so the trip would be fun for all. On our way over we strolled through the gardens at the Smithsonian Institute. It was warm and humid out so I suggested we make our way over to the museum and have lunch. Aiden and Chris took tons of pictures and Alina was perfectly content on Chris’s back in the backpack. The trainride back was nice and we had dinner at Olive Garden. We thought there was an ice cream place nearby, but the area had changed quite a bit since we had last been there. After driving around for a bit we stopped at a CVS and purchased ice cream and milk. I took Aiden to the pool afterwards and before long we were asleep.

Day 3 started on a much better note as Alina didn’t wake up too many times. We decided to head back to DC and explore the Museum of Natural History. We thought Aiden would like the dinosaur exhibit, but he much preferred the ocean exhibit. He could name almost every fish in the place. There was also a cool butterfly/bug exhibit he enjoyed. The highlight was when he got to hold a caterpillar. Alina’s big excitement was when she was released from the backpack to explore the discovery room the museum offered. She played with instruments and puppets. They both had a really great time and we were all enjoying the day. That is until later inthe afternoon when we left the museum and found another garden to explore. Aiden was upset when we let a stranger take a picture of all of us with “his” camera. He was not happy and was not very well behaved. He even started crying. It was getting late and after he dipped his feet in a huge fountain we felt a little better na dwe headed back to have some dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. No pool as that was one of the privileges he lost during the unpleasant part of the afternoon. Early to bed for all of us and a much better night’s sleep once again.

Last day and we were heading home. We originally planned on staying until Tuesday, but decided against it. After packing up the hotel room, we went to pick up some lunch and worked our way over to Great Falls Park. We ate, took pictures of the falls and then headed home. Not much traffic and we were finally back at the homestead. Successful trip and good for us to get away and reconnect with each other. The upside is that Chris has off one more day to make it even better!

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First Trip of the Year

While the extended weekend away from home started off on a cranky note, mainly be me, it ended on a tired note. Aiden has allergies apparently and with each night he slept worse and worse. Our moods were really pushed to the edge for each of us and it seems we need a vacation from the vacation.

The trip for me was really nice (once I got over my grumpiness). I was able to hang out with my friend and finally meet her youngest daughter. They live by the other ocean and I don’t get to see them often (other than on the computer). Chris was kind enough to wrangle Aiden, which was not relaxing for him. Not that he doesn’t enjoy daddy time, but Aiden has been quite the toddler lately.

The Baptism was short and sweet and quite an honor for me. I am a godparent for several family members, but it is nice when a friend thinks that highly of me. I think I pulled off a good outfit for my ever expanding belly and Chris looked super handsome. I love it when he gets dressed up (or down for that matter). I can’t help it, he is still pretty sexy to me (17 years and counting!). But I digress…

We are glad to be home and hope that we are somewhat rejuvenated and ready to continue with all the madness that is the basement. Sadly, this is the the last trip we will take as a 3-person family. Maybe that isn’t so sad, but it is the end of the only way we knew how to function as a family. The new addition will be a happy one, but it will be a little sad to say goodbye to our little unit. The next trip should be interesting with four of us.

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Vermont Vacation – Day Seven

Today is our last day in Vermont. Part of me is really sad to be leaving, but I truly feel it’s more the relaxation that I will miss. Don’t get me wrong, the area is beautiful and it has been nice being near mountains. As a matter of fact, on the ride home we deiscussed the possibility of moving up there. No one needs to panic though, it was just wishful thinking. We are not ready to move anywhere at the moment.

The ride hoem was pleasant and as usual Aiden is a great traveling kid. He did stay up way too late though. We expected him to take a nap or fall asleep for the night and he was having nothing of it. He was happy to stay up and didn’t cry or anything. We are very lucky parents to have such a mellow and curious little guy.

When we arrived home he was so excited that he needed to play with every toy he could find. I think it was more along the lines of, “I remember these!” Since it was after 10 pm we were tired as we unpacked the car and hoped he would go down easy. No such luck though, when we took him up stairs he was even more excited to see his room and wanted us to read every book on his shelves. After the third or fourth book we decided we had much less energy than him and just put him to bed. He didn’t protest too much but he was wired. I think he played in his bed for a while before finally going to sleep. I, on the other hand, had no problem going to sleep.

And so ends the saga of our second trip this summer. Tune in soon for the next adventure…

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Vermont Vacation – Day Six

Another conference day for Chris and another day at the hotel for Aiden and me. At least it wasn’t raining today. The highlights of the day were reading time during Aiden’s nap and taking Aiden in a pool for the first time ever.

For a heated pool I thought it was a bit chilly, but Aiden had a blast. We had to hold him, but he didn’t hesitate to kick his feet when we encouraged him. There were a couple balls floating around and Aiden enjoyed playing with them. The giggling and laughing was so worth the 20 minutes we spent splashing around. I am glad I decided to wait until Chris got home to take Aiden in the pool. Not sure if it would have been as much fun for him with me just floating around.

I’m actually getting sad that today was our last full day here. Tomorrow will be all about packing and driving.

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Vermont Vacation – Day Five

Chris attended the first day of the conference today so Aiden and I were on our own. It rained today which was fine because Chris took the car and we couldn’t go out anyway. Aiden had an afternoon nap and after I straightened up the living area I was able to do something I had been trying to do all year…I read a book.

Or should I say, I started to read a book. It was so nice to not have the laundry, cleaning or any other chore that looms over me at home to distract me from picking up a book. I only hope that if I don’t finish it on this vacation that I make time at home to actually read.

I have to say that this lack of responsibilities is the most relaxing feeling ever. Chris and I have been enjoying the evenings where we have just been sitting and talking. We talk at home but it’s more about what we need to do for the week or where we are going on the weekends. Over these past few days we have discussed politics and how we can be more active in our concern of the environment and what it has been like being parents over this past year. This vacation has allowed us to just “be” together and I am loving every minute of it!

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