Vermont Vacation – Day Four

Today we spent the day geocaching. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, it is a type of treasure hunt using a GPS to locate the coordinates of the treasure. We had some hits and some misses, but it was fun exploring outside of the tourist area. Although the twenty-five or so mosquito bites I obtained are going to be hard to ignore.

Later we went into Burlington, again, but this time we strolled around Church Street. It’s a street that is blocked off from vehicles and has many stores, cafes, restaurants, etc. all along. There was even street entertainment that drew the crowds. There was a high school student playing the violin, a guy eating swords, and one guy was juggling. We went just to take in the atmosphere and enjoy the last day Chris had available to spend with us.

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Vermont Vacation – Day Three

Another beautiful day so we ventured off for a hike up a small mountain called Mt. Philo. Chris had Aiden in a backpack carrier while I carried all the necessities. It was a steep yet short hike. At the top there was a grassy knoll were Aiden had a ball walking around. He cracked us up as he ran to the top of the hill, sat down and scooted himself to the bottom. Too bad we didn’t have the video camera with us. I guess he thought it resembled a slide because he just recently learned how to push himself down one without any assistance. The views were nice but it was hazy across Lake Cahmplain and the Adirondacks were not super clear. All in all a great way to start off the day.

After going back to the hotel to eat lunch and let the little guy take a nap, we headed back to the Chew Chew Food Festival. Many people were in attendance unlike the night before. We tried some new things and walked around the area. There is a paved bicycle path that goes right along the water, which made for a nice getaway from the crowds. We ventured upon a playground where Aiden was able to stretch his legs a bit. We stayed a bit passed his bedtime, but Aiden didn’t seem to mind.

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Vermont Vacation – Day Two

We all slept pretty good and decided to make the most of the beginning of the vacation. The first three days are family fun days and the last three days will be just me and Aiden at the hotel while Chris goes off to the conference. We are in the Burlington, Vermont area and decided to start off the trip with a tour of Ben and Jerry’s factory.

The tour itself was only 30 minutes and the factory was much smaller than I anticipated, but the best part was the free ice cream. Aiden apparently likes strawberry cheesecake, as do I. Remember the cuteness power I mentioned yesterday? Well, it was in high gear again today as he got an extra scoop of ice cream. Ok, they just had leftovers, but he was invited to take an extra one.

We stopped back at the hotel for some lunch and Aiden took a nap. Gave Chris and I some quiet down time together, it was nice. For dinner we went to the Green Mountain Chew Chew Food Festival on the waterfront of Lake Champlain. It was a cute little food festival where the local restaurants allow you to sample their best foods by purchasing tokens (i.e. some items were 3 or 4 tokens and tokens were 9 for $5). It was the first night of the festival and a Friday evening so there were not many people there, which made it very pleasant to take our time. We had some pretty good eats.

It was a beautiful day in the mid to high seventies and the view of the Adirondacks across the lake was amazing. Made me wish we lived closer to the mountains. Someday I guess. Until then I will enjoy this adorable college town and all that it has to offer.

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Vermont Vacation – Day One

Yes, that’s right we are on vacation again. This one sprung up out of a conference that Chris was asked to attend for work. He didn’t want to go initially, but when I expressed an interest in turning it into a family vacation he decided to give the conference a chance. So, we packed the car this morning and drove north.

Aiden was so good during the seven hour car ride. He has discovered the joy of spotting trucks, big 18-wheelers that is. Every time we passed one (or one passed us) he would get very excited and shout out, “Uck! Uck!” and we would respond, “Yes, Aiden, that is a truck. Very good.” Now, let me just say that driving during the day on the NY Thruway we encountered many, many trucks. I mean lots of trucks! It made for an interesting (and loud) ride. Thank goodness we were routed through some country roads as we approached our destination. It was cute though.

When we arrived at the hotel we expected to unpack in a spacious two bedroom suite with living area and full kitchen. I even confirmed it yesterday and called today to say that we were going to arrive later than expected to make sure it wasn’t a problem. “No problem” was what they told us on the phone mere hours before being told that there are extended stay guests who were extending their stay in our suite. So we settled on a one bedroom with separate living area and full kitchen, if a stovetop with no oven counts as a “full” kitchen.

After I got over the crankiness from having to downgrade the suite, we went to dinner at a local restaurant. Aiden was a big hit with the wait staff as he flirted with most of the women. Actually he said “Hi” to anyone that walked by, flashing them his big blue eyes. By the time we were ready to leave he was saying bye-bye to the whole restaurant and no one seemed to mind. My goodness this kid’s cuteness is powerful!

All in all, a pretty ok day. Looking forward to venturing out tomorrow.

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Washington, DC Vacation – Day Four

Should the day that you go home really be considered a vacation day? I mean we are leaving the place where there are fun things to do and the really cool hotel room where you don’t have to make your bed to head back home. I’m not sure what to call it yet, as it is a sad day to be leaving all that behind. Possibly Transition Day?

Before getting out of bed, we heard the lovely sound of motorcycles leaving the hotel in droves. Several of them, every 20 minutes or so. They are really loud! Finally Aiden couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to be out of his Pack-n-Play. As I wasn’t ready to get up yet, I brought him into bed. Yes, I know that is a no-no, but we were on vacation, all rules are off. The king size bed fit us all perfectly and we didn’t want to leave.

But leave we must, so we finally got up, ate breakfast and started packing. We thought we would leave after Aiden took a nap, but he wasn’t cooperating, so we left earlier than expected. The drive included a bit more traffic, but nothing as bad as it was going to be tomorrow. We ate lunch at the same Panera Bread that we ate at on the way down to complete the trip full circle.

As always, it was good to be home. I feel if you have some time away you can fully appreciate things (and people), although it was nice to have someone else clean our room and make the bed. I am glad to be home, that is until the next trip!

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