Well, Aiden has officially entered the “why” phase. He doesn’t just say “Why?”, oh no. He asks when he is missing something. For example, he was in the bathroom and I was playing with Alina when I told her, “No thank you.” Aiden called from the bathroom, “Why did you say No thank you to Alina? What did she do cause I couldn’t see it?” This kid is going to go crazy when he is in school and feels like he is missing a lot at home. Not to mention that I am going crazy explaining everything in simplistic yet descriptive ways. After the third why I tell him that we need to move on to another subject because Mommy needs to stop talking about the current issue. He is going to be one educated little tyke in preschool. I wish his teacher well!

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Number 8

Ok, Alina has finally gotten all 8 of her front teeth. We thought she would have them by her first birthday, like her brother, but it’s not that much later. She takes 5-6 steps too. I am so proud of my little girl. Soon she will be giving her brother a run for his money. He will be wishing school gets here sooner, although right now he’s not sure if he is going to like it. They are doing great and I could not be happier, more rested, yes, but not happier.

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Poor Obama

We were on our way to the grocery store the other day when Aiden noticed the road we were driving on was very bumpy. You see, the roads in Princeton are basically designed for the SUVs that everyone owns to make them feel as if they are driving off road. So, this is the conversation we have…

“Mommy, the road is still bumpy. Why hasn’t Barack Obama fixed it yet?”
“I don’t know Aiden. I guess he has been busy.”
“Maybe you should call him and tell him he needs to fix it. It’s very bumpy.”

I decided to leave the civics lesson for another day. I think it’s cute he thinks Barack Obama should fix everything!

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One year ago today at this very moment I was prepped and getting ready to be wheeled into the room where the most wonderful and scary thing happened. The baby I had been carrying for almost 9 months was about to be born. I was scared because I had never had a c-section before and up until this point had been crying everyday after I finding out I needed to have one. On the other hand, I was about to learn who this precious little bundle was. I was so happy that Chris was there with me and that Aiden was being cared for by Chris’s mom and her husband. One year ago today was a very special day that I will not soon forget.

The pregnancy up until this point had been very different than my first one. I was crying everyday, I was not sure how I could love two kids and petrified that I would not be able to handle it if the baby was a girl. One year later it turns out that I am doing just fine and the kids get along great (so far!). Happy Birthday to my very special and incredibly loved little girl!

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